New Beginnings & the Pursuit of an Idea

I never quite know how to begin the process of sharing the overload of ideas I’ve been stocking up over the course of a few months.

I’m an idea person. I thrive on coming up with creative concepts, propositions, brainstorms, and projects… but I often freeze up when it comes to taking action on these things. I make spreadsheets and lists (yes, there’s one for this blog), planning out the overall structure of the idea, but sometimes I get so boggled by all the framework that I forget to actually start painting.

A Little About Me

I was raised in small-town Arkansas running around in the woods with my three sisters. Creativity and imagination filled my childhood, which later evolved into getting a Bachelor of Science degree in Photography with minors in Illustration and Graphic Design. Professionally, I worked as a Designer, Photographer, and now Self-Employed Pixel Artist for a popular video game called Minecraft (more on that journey later) based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m always at my best when I’m creating something, so this field of work has been fulfilling and exciting..

Outside of work, I have a sweet 6-year old lab/collie pup named Choumori (“Shoe” for short) and far too many houseplants. I am a semi-retired gamer (PC Master Race) and YouTuber who really likes unplugging and getting outside. I love people, travel, nature, and food..

Why A Blog?

I love storytelling. Stories provide connection and inspiration, and for me to be able to express my own journey with the hope that it might positively affect someone else is very enticing and exciting. Last fall I started attending some open mic nights at a delightful whiskey bar here in Grand Rapids, and through listening to others’ eloquent writings I found myself inspired to pick up my own pen again (so to speak… really it’s mostly typed nowadays). I’ve also been delving back into photography, and a blog seems like a fitting space to be able to share some of that creative work.

Some of you may know me from my gaming/online presence on YouTube, and thus you may have even seen me launch a vlogging channel last summer… which then sat there. Empty and sad. I had hoped to pursue this same desire to share stories from my life in the format of vlogs, but when it came time to pick up the camera and start rolling, I found that I wanted to focus on actually being present for the experience rather than trying to capture it all for an audience. Thus, I kept putting off different ideas and just experiencing them for myself instead, and the channel sat there eyeing me judgingly. I realized I don’t want to be in front of a camera all the time, so this mode of sharing seems much more fitting. Experience, then share.

What to Expect

This is a space where I’ll be sharing stories from my life as well as current ventures. This means both stories from my past (my failures with pets, my experience with divorce, etc.), and journeys I’m currently on (travel, creative projects, etc.). I also hope to document things I’m learning about myself including self-improvement and growth. Since I’m also picking up my camera again, I plan to also get back into various creative projects that will certainly appear here from time to time. This may include sharing some tutorials/techniques I’ve learned over the years. And, of course, there will be food. I love baking, am learning to cook, and I love eating… and I’d love to share the tasty treats I’ve discovered along the way.

Welcome. Take a seat. Grab a cuppa. Hope you enjoy the journey with me!

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